KY: Man tries to rob friend; gets shot dead

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April 6, 2011
WKYT News    
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"Manford Young says his brother, David, was at Ronald Sallie's house when something went wrong. Police say Young hit Sallie in the head, and then Sallie drew his gun and shot Young dead. Police say Sallie's head injuries were so severe, he required 50 stitches. Others..who say they are related to both men, say they believe Sallie did shoot Young in self defense. "I talked to him (Sallie) this morning. He said the boy came in and said he was going to kill him and rob him," said Shirley Kimelton. "What would you do if someone came into your house and told you they were going to maul you?," questioned Kimelton." (04/04/11)  

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