My dog is packin’!

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April 6, 2011
Living Freedom
by Claire Wolfe  
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"During the recent discussions on bug-out bag supplies , several people suggested I should teach the dogs to pack. Though I don’t think it’s realistic to plan to strap all three dogs into packs, then try to manage them all on leash during a 'head for the hills' emergency, it did make sense to train at least one to carry a backpack. The pack arrived today and here’s Ava wearing it .... She doesn’t look at all like the smiley dog on the package. So far, she looks more like a condemned murderer being led to the gas chamber. ('No! No! I’m innocent, I swear! Innnnocennnnnt ….' But that’ll pass once she associates the pack with walkees and treats." (04/06/11)  

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