Who’s going to win in Wisconsin?

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April 6, 2011
by David Weigel  
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"In a race that only become a partisan fight in the last month, Democrats retook a lot of the ground they lost in 2010. The map they carved out looks a lot like the map of Wisconsin's 2004 presidential election results, where John Kerry narrowly defeated George W. Bush. Kloppenburg actually outpaced Kerry in many counties -- she would have had a clean win last night if she won Milwaukee County by as much as he did." [editor's note: As of Weigel's posting of this article, Republican David Prosser was ahead; as of my linking of the article here at RRND/FND, Kloppenburg led. The only virtual certainty here is that there'll be the all-too-familiar recount fight - TLK] (04/06/11)


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