NV: Couple outraged after hospital takes newborn baby away

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April 3, 2011
ABC 13 Action News    
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"Lincoln and Cecilia Rogers say their dreams came true when baby Lilia was born healthy just a week ago. But they describe a nightmare in getting her home from Summerlin Hospital. 'They said, ‘Well, if you leave the hospital I'll have to arrest you and your husband.'' Cecilia is referring to the police officer who was sent to her room just hours after giving birth, all because she and her husband told the nurse they didn't want to keep Lilia overnight in the NICU to be treated for jaundice." (03/28/11)

  • Rich Matarese

    The attending pediatrician having been amenable to signing the discharge order, the parents should have experienced no difficulty in leaving the hospital with their newborn. Just who the hell decided that the kid needed to remain in the NICU, anyway?

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