The distraction of anarcho-libertarianism

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March 31, 2011
Rebirth of Reason
by Tibor R. Machan  
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"Governments, of course, can have many forms and most have been corrupt versions in most of human history, there is no disputing this among libertarians. But anarcho-libertarian have the penchant for elevating their Rothbardian version of libertarianism as holier than though — as if they were pure, while all the rest, such as Nozickians, Randians, and those who follow the likes of von Mises and von Hayek, were all corrupt and compromised on libertarianism. Not so fast." (03/30/11)  

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  • Jason

    I haven't read Machan in a while but in the distant past (10 years ago), I used to really enjoy his writing. I'm not sure if he is just getting old or this is just an emotional issue for him but the logic in this piece is so weak, I find it hard to believe it's the same Machan I used to read. I won't accuse him of purposely creating strawmen but it's clear that his opinion is based on some pretty large misunderstandings. Of course, since the motivation for the critique was the attitudes of some individuals, it's not surprising it's not very well reasoned.

    • szatyor2693

      Saying the logic is weak isn't showing it. Are we just trust your declaration, never mind any evidence and proof? There's, I say, nothing wrong with the logic of my comment and your saying otherwise means nothing. My work in this area of political philosophy is considerable–just check out the essay I wrote for Long/Machan, Anarchism and Minarchism: Is Government Part of a Free COUntry? (Ashgate, 2006).

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