Irish Setter Dad

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March 30, 2011
The Weekly Standard
by PJ O'Rourke  
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"I gather Ms. Chua is a total bitch with her children, making them finish homework before it’s assigned, practice violin and piano 25 hours a day, maintain a grade point average higher than Obama budget numbers, and forbidding them from doing anything they might enjoy, such as exhale. But being a male parent with a typical dad-like involvement in my children’s lives — ​I know all of their names ​— ​I thought [Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother] was great. That is, I thought it made me look great. Not that I read the dreadful book, but I did buy each of my children a copy and inscribed it, 'So you think you’ve got it bad?'" (for publication 04/04/11)  

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