Inside the FBI’s terrorism factory

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March 29, 2011
by William Norman Grigg  
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"As U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon remarked during a March 24 post-conviction hearing: 'The FBI did not infiltrate a plot. There was no plot.' That is, there was no plot on the part of the railroaded defendants. That there was a plot on the part of the FBI and its pet provocateur is indisputable. This would appear to be a perfect specimen of the process of 'radicalizing' Muslims, which His Holiness Peter King, Inquisitor General of the Homeland Security State, considers the most acute existing threat to life, limb, and virtue. In fact, the infiltration of mosques by Federal terrorism 'facilitators' is the dominant form of 'radicalization' taking place today." (03/30/11)  

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