Iraq: 63 killed, 108 wounded

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March 29, 2011    
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"An attack on a Tikrit building housing the provincial council left as many as 58 dead and 97 wounded. Most of the casualties were government employees, including army generals, but at least one of the dead was a journalist. Several gunmen, wearing military uniforms, stormed the building and took hostages using diversionary car bombs, grenades, and explosive bets. Three lawmakers may have been kidnapped and are missing; however, they could also be the same three lawmakers who were executed and set on fire before the attack ended. ... An attack on a colonel’s home in Abu Ghraib left him wounded and two brothers killed. ... Gunmen stormed a house in Garma, where they killed a policeman and wounded four of his family members. In Mosul, gunmen killed an off-duty cop while a roadside bomb wounded a police captain." (03/29/11)  

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