Bachmann moves closer to presidential bid

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March 24, 2011
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"In another sign that she is moving closer to a 2012 presidential run, Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann did not deny a report Thursday that she would form a presidential exploratory committee by late spring. The conservative Minnesotan was on a campaign-style swing through neighboring Iowa, the first caucus state, when CNN reported that she would file papers to form a committee in early June. ... 'I'm not saying it's false,' Bachmann said, adding, 'It could be before then.'" (03/24/11)


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  • New voice of the GOP. Same as the old voice of the GOP.Funny how the American media doesn’t look at the Anti-American things done by the American Corporations. By the time, the American People woke up, the Tea Party got svereal of their candidates voted into office and the Republican Party still has not gone away despite the fact that Mike said that they will. Even if the American people tried to vote against the Tea Party incumbents, those imcumbents will be finance by American and foreign corporations.

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