LAND: The week in review March 13-19

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March 20, 2011
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Commentaries on Coffee, Tea, or Mad Dog 20/20?,Textbooks don’t make terrorists,Crackdown in Bahrain, The real risks to America’s security, End the drug war, save black America, First they came for the faux fascists and more!

In the news, Florida School stands behind tough new peanut allergy regs (not satire), Successful Miami-Dade recall effort fueled by money, discontent, Mark 1 nuclear reactor design caused GE scientist to quit in protest, US backs Sikh prisoner’s right not to trim beard, Bahrain: Regime thugs attack protesters, murder six, Nashville TN renews red light camera contract, Tobey sues over political detention. UK Protesters storm courtroom in attempt to make citizens’ arrest of judge and Group challenges arrest for “linking to other websites”

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