Study assesses effect of mom’s voice on preemies

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March 20, 2011
The Boston Globe    
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"Amir Lahav peered into the incubators where his premature twins slept, their frighteningly tiny bodies entwined with tubes and wires. This was a world very different from the womb, he thought. It wasn’t just the ventilators and the IV lines that made him anxious for Mia and Agami, born 3 1/2 months too soon. A musician and a neurology researcher, Lahav also worried about the din of the neonatal intensive care unit. The soundscape of the womb had been replaced by beeping alarms, pagers, ventilators, and talking. ... He persuaded Dr. Steven Ringer, chief of newborn medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, to allow him to play a recording of his wife, Galit, speaking to the infants. When the parents could not be there to snuggle the babies directly on their skin, the recording could be played on a small speaker in their incubators." (03/20/11)  

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