LAND: The week in review March 6-12

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March 13, 2011
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Commentaries on Staring at the blue pill, Can what you buy really make a difference?, censoring ads, 16 of history’s most rebellious women, Peter King’s witch hunt, Op Common Sense wants your feedback, Patriotic expatriates, Surveillance Self-Defense, The peace movement: Not dead yet, Who still believes the West can bomb Libya to freedom?, “Anarchic Urbanism” update, (26) How the Swedes set up Julian Assange, Screw the troops, Washington’s most corrupt list, 2010 and more!

In the news, Julian Heicklen: Sometimes you just can’t get arrested, Protester dies of wounds, rallies resume in Yemen, Azerbaijan: Police thwart “people’s protest”, Pro-gun billboard cruises Miami, Five year sentence for “linking” to online videos, Massachusetts peace Activists add second St. Patrick parade, Illinois becomes the 16th state to abolish the death penalty, Anonymous probed for hack threat against Manning abductors, Florida Motorists illegally detained at tolls — for using large bills!, DEA politics keeping medical marijuana off shelves, SCOTUS: Navy has no right to flout FOIA, Tyranny Fighters, FIJA take on Orlando judge’s order and LEAP slams Obama renewed Drug War commitment

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