Iraqi protests make Washington squirm

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March 7, 2011
by Kelley B. Vlahos  
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"After news that a 'Day of Rage' in Iraq had not only drawn tens of thousands of Iraqis demanding jobs, clean water and electricity, but the wrath of security forces — at least 29 dead, a hundred journalists rounded up and beaten and police firing into crowds — one official had this to say: '[The security forces] generally have not used force against peaceful protesters. … We support the Iraqi people’s right to freely express their political views, to peacefully protest and seek redress from their government.' We would have expected this kind of mealy-mouthed response from nervous apologists for ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in the confusing first days of his recent downfall. But this was Iraq, and the man who issued that statement was an American, Aaron Snipe, a U.S. embassy spokesman in Baghdad." (03/08/11)  

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