The fleecing taxpayers bait-and-switch

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March 6, 2011
Our Future Blog
by Sam Pizzigati  
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"Teachers, fire fighters, cops, and case workers, have become, in effect, the new 'welfare queens.' Ambitious pols the nation over, taking a page from the Ronald Reagan playbook, are creating mythic tax dollar-gobbling stereotypes that demonize Americans just struggling to get by. These stereotypes do more than demonize. They distract. They shove off the political radar screen the fortunates who really are getting rich off our tax dollars. Fortunates like William Swanson, the CEO of Raytheon, the high-tech giant." [editor's note: Also, given that Raytheon makes the bulk of its money from Pentagon contracts, this is even more outrageous! - SAT] (03/06/11)  

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