They call that sham “Sharia”

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March 2, 2011
Pro Libertate
by Will Grigg  
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"Tennessee state senator Bill Ketron insists that his proposed anti-Sharia measure (formally known as the 'Material Support to Designated Entities Act') is not intended to criminalize the peaceful practice of the Muslim religion. Instead, it would permit the prosecution of those who offer tangible support to entities identified by the state attorney general as 'Sharia organizations' devoted to promoting Islamic rule through violence. ... If enacted and applied with a degree of intellectual honesty, Ketron's measure would require Tennessee law enforcement to shut down every military base and recruiting office in the state, as well as rounding up all resident veterans of 'Operation Iraqi Freedom.' Promoting Sharia law in Iraq through the use of criminal violence has been the official policy of the United States Government since the new Iraqi constitution was finished in late 2004." (03/01/11)  

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