SC: Proposed gun law changes could cost state in lost fees

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March 1, 2011
Independent Mail    
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"A bill that is working its way through the state legislature could eliminate concealed weapons permit requirements and cost [sic] the state millions of dollars in lost permit fees. Many Anderson-area instructors said they are still following the bill and want to learn more, but they are worried that no longer having mandatory classes for concealed weapons permits could hurt or destroy their business." [editor's note: Money you no longer get for something you no longer sell is not a "cost" - TLK] (02/28/11)  
  • I'm a certified instructor and I'm eagerly awaiting news that our Constitutional carry bill has been signed by the governor of Wyoming. I have offered CC instruction as a service to my students, and will continue to do so for those who want it. But I will be delighted when it is no longer necessary to consider the "permit" paperwork ever again.

    I fully expect to continue to fill all of my classes with people who want to learn safe gun handling and self defense. The stupid "permission slip" never had anything intelligent to do with it.

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