Crappy jobs cause: Plutocracy & austerity

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February 28, 2011
Our Future Blog
by Dave Johnson  
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"There are good jobs and there are crappy jobs. There are burger-flipping jobs and there are skilled trades and professions. There are jobs that pay well and have benefits and jobs that don’t. There is even the job you had, now paying less, with no benefits. Much of the post-recession job growth is at low end. Many 'better' jobs not at the low end pay less and offer fewer benefits than they used to. So the middle class continues to fall. The 'economic divide '... continues to accelerate, pushed by the recent continuation of tax cuts for the wealthy, stock bubble-pumping from the Fed, and ongoing attacks on labor." [editor's note: As usual, a cogent analysis of the problem, offering only more collusion with the plutocratic government as a solution; when will they ever learn ... ? - SAT] (02/28/11)  

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