Against a “no-fly zone” in Libya

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February 24, 2011
The Nation Blog
by Robert Dreyfuss  
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"President Obama issued a statement late on Wednesday indicating that he’s ordered his staff to review possible unilateral US actions in response to the Libyan government’s bloody efforts to suppress the countrywide revolt. These responses should not include the imposition of a so-called 'no-fly zone' in the skies of the North African country. ... Supporters include Elliott Abrams, the hard-edged neoconservative ... two of the most outspoken anti-war representatives, Jim McDermott (D.-Wash) and Jim McGovern (D.-Mass.). Sarah Palin has chimed in, too. But it’s a really, really bad idea." [editor's note: Once again, a clear division between us libertarians and these "conservatives" - SAT] (02/23/11)  

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