LAND: The week in review February 13-19

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February 20, 2011
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Commentaries on health care, Feds threaten, censor Libertarian Enterprise, seasteading, Politics trumps science and morality, FIJA, Judge Napolitano attack freedom-hating judge, The jerking of knees, California — a nullifier’s paradise?, NPR, PBS subsidies must go, banning dogs from all public places (satire), Don’t renew Patriot Act, Defending boundaries, banning snoods, the Arab revolution and more!

In the news, Home school bill tabled; fight continues in Illinois, libertarian rights activist Julian Heicklen abducted, Bahrain Regime thugs murder five; pols ban public gatherings, Court to decide on Proposition 8 delay in California,Brazil's Clown congressman messes up first vote, clashes continue in Iran, Thousands of police confront protesters in Yemen, Protests continue to spread in Libya, elderly Veteran bloodied, bruised and arrested for standing silently, Dems want MLB to knock tobacco out of the park, Rand Paul pleads for opposition to Patriot Act, UK residents warned Don’t put wire on your windows — it might hurt burglars, Atlanta police won’t hinder citizens who videotape cops, Sherrod sues Breitbart over media “prank”

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