2AM News: The week in review February 13-19

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February 20, 2011
Second Amendment News Digest    
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Commentaries on guns and freedom, teaching children about gun safety, ATF declaring war on honest gun owners, let’s count the murders, (28) Concealed carry banned on college campuses and more!

Self defense stories from Australia, New York, Washiongton (state), Illinois, Delaware, Nebraska, California (2), Virginia and Louisiana ....in other news, most states don’t follow mental health gun law, Iowa City pols vote to ban guns on city property, buses, SC Law may allow concealed guns without permit, CCRKBA urges inquiry into ATF’s “Project Gunrunner”, NH House OKs “Made in New Hampshire” guns, Illinois Lawmakers reprise concealed carry proposals, Georgia Lawmakers push to repeal ban on guns in church, Oklahoma Legislators propose “open carry”,Peaceful, neutral Switzerland cherishes its armed tradition, Wisconsin Judge affirms robbery victim’s gun rights, and Kansas Law change may allow even blind to carry concealed

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