Iraq: Eight killed, 12 wounded

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February 15, 2011    
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"Security forces discovered two mass graves containing 85 bodies near Baquba. One grave contained 17 al-Qaeda members, while the other held the remains of civilians. Both dated to about 2006. A bombing in the city left one person dead and two suspects arrested. A kidnapped woman was liberated. Gunmen at a checkpoint wounded a Sahwa member. In Baghdad, a pair of bombs exploded separately in the Za’afaraniya district, killing three people and wounding six more. A civilian was shot to death outside his Kirkuk home. A store-owner was stabbed to death in his shop. A bombing in Hadid left one policeman dead and another wounded. A sniper killed an Iraqi interpreter working for U.S. forces in Kut." (02/15/11)  

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