Libertarianism by judicial diktat

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February 9, 2011
The Nation
by Aziz Huq  
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"Pensacola-based Judge Roger Vinson’s decision to invalidate the Affordable Care Act has been met with predictable derision on the left as 'activism' and 'driven … by ideology.' While not undeserved, such epithets do a disservice to progressives who both oppose Vinson’s decision and support causes such as abortion rights, same-sex marriage, and civil liberties. The core problem with Vinson’s opinion is not that it is 'activism' or that it is 'political.' The core problem is that it’s wrong." [editor's note: Putting "libertarianism" in the same sentence as "diktat" just shows how clueless this writer is about either term - SAT] (02/09/11)  

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