How to rule the world for five minutes

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February 9, 2011
The San Francisco Chronicle
by Mark Morford  
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"There are many ways to have national or even international media attention heaped upon your head for a short burst of time, if you so desire. Why you would desire such a thing is, of course, between you and your demons. Choose wisely. One way is to write a mildly shocking spidwad of a book, an intentionally barbed little tome everyone agrees is sort of heartless and even a bit nasty, but which has nevertheless been marketed in a very clever way, mostly by placing it squarely in a topic category normally reserved for more thoughtful, safe, politically correct fare, like a sneer in the middle of church, a middle finger in a flowerbed, a slap to the face of a kindergarten class." (02/09/11)  

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