NC: Woman clerk shoots robber

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February 1, 2011
Journal Patriot    
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""Wilkes Sheriff Chris Shew said Melissa Hartley, 37, of Wilkesboro, fatally shot James Phillip Church Jr., 37, of Beaver Creek Road, Boomer, while she was working as a clerk at the cash register at Yadkin River Grocery and Hardware store. Shew said Ms. Hartley told investigators that Church entered the store and was attempting to get money from the cash register. The sheriff said investigators found cash strewn about when they arrived. Ms. Hartley told investigators that Church grabbed her when she tried to stop him and she shot him with a gun that was in the store, said Shew, adding that Church wasn’t armed when he entered the store. Shew said Ms. Hartley, who hasn’t been charged in the case, and Church had a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship until they broke up recently" (01/31/11)  

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