Screw the way things are, I want out

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December 22, 2016
Freeman's Perspective
by Paul Rosenberg  
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"Everywhere I turn, some kind of ruler, sub-ruler, enforcer, regulator, or 'right-thinking' quasi-enforcer demands not only my money but also for me to make myself easy to punish, thus showing myself to be a good subservient. That's not just wrong; it's a disease. I don't care whether such people are 'following orders,' 'just doing their job,' or whatever else they tell themselves to soothe their rightly troubled souls. That mode of living is perverse, and these people are enforcing a disease. Let me make this part very clear: The desire to control others is disease; it is corruption. Willing controllers are a morally inferior class. And the truly deranged thing is that these people rule the world!" (12/21/16)  

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