Religious liberty under fire in Culpepper

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December 22, 2016
by A Barton Hinkle  
Posted in Commentary, PND Commentary

"Spend any time surfing conservative websites and you cannot help being impressed by the degree to which they seem to care about religious liberty. One day they are defending nuns from birth control mandates; another, they are sticking up for businesses that don't want to endorse gay pride or gay marriage. So you would think they would be outraged that Culpeper, Va., has denied a permit that would let a small group of the faithful build a house of worship. On that score, unfortunately, you would be wrong. Conservative organs such as National Review, The Daily Caller and The Daily Signal have published scads of commentaries about Hobby Lobby, the Little Sisters of the Poor, wedding-cake makers and so on. But they have not said word one about the Islamic Center of Culpeper (ICC)." (12/21/16)  


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