The six mysterious elves of the commercial marketplace

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December 22, 2016
Foundation for Economic Education
by Jeffrey Tucker  
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"One reason that the Brothers Grimm fairy tales have such appeal -- more so than the folklore that came before -- is that they deal with a world that is familiar to us, a world that was just being invented in the early 19th century, when these stories were first printed and circulated. They deal with people, scenes and events that affect what we call the middle class today, or the bourgeoisie. This was the world that serves as the backdrop to the tales of the Brothers Grimm." (12/21/16)  
  • dL

    The study of economics is much like the decision of the shoemaking couple that stayed up overnight to find out the cause of their good fortune.

    Again, too much of market fetish with that piece. If the world is so full of good fortune, if what we have has delivered so much prosperity, then why in the world this thing “libertarianism”? We should just pack our bags and go home. Life is too short to put so much energy bothering at the margins. Indeed, I was a progressive, I would use that piece as a defense of progressivism against libertarianism. Something along the lines of 1 bird in the hand is better than 1.125 in the bush. After al, these are state-compliant markets that Tucker is applauding.

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