Baker’s Dozen (TM) things that government fears

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December 21, 2016
The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton  
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"Truth is not just the first casualty in war, but in politics and the legislative and bureaucratic process. Government assumes (usually rightly) that if the truth gets out about it, its activities, its motives, and its results, that people will turn against it." (12/21/16)  
  • dL

    Most of those 13 points can be rolled up into free speech/thought. But the state does not fear free speech; it fears free trade. Almost the entirety of the US state bureaucratic/security apparatus is built around the regulatory prior restraint of free trade and the discretionary enforcement thereof. Free speech, not so much. Although many and most states do put a lot of effort into the prohibition/control of speech, the US has uniquely demonstrated the non-necessity of that effort, to be frank.

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