Whack the bob

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December 21, 2016
Common Sense
by Paul Jacob  
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[T]he dominant progressive-left paradigm has proven itself incapable of dealing with the challenges of the present age -- most being caused by their own policies. Worse yet, those on the vanguard left have become moral scolds and petty language tyrants. Yes, political correctness is one of the big offenders, here. So, of course there's a backlash. But, turnabout being fair play, if the move to the 'right' goes too far -- as it probably will -- we can expect another swing leftward. Isn't it time to give that pendulum bob a whack, to initiate something like an equilibrium position? Many of today's problems are caused by partisans trying to force their kind of change down others' throats. There is an alternative: limit government, setting it to just a few tasks, letting society evolve naturally, without forced central planning." (12/21/16)


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