The gift that keeps on giving

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December 20, 2016
The Libertarian Enterprise
by L Neil Smith  
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"A lot of people ask me questions about firearms and self-defense, often to validate decisions they have already made, but sometimes sincerely, to help them decide what weapon is the best for them in terms of the type and design, and the caliber of ammunition they use. I did this for a living for a good number of years, and I’m accustomed to telling them to find the biggest (most powerful and largest-caliber) weapon they can comfortably handle, and that, in general, adequate self-defense begins with a four, as in .40, .41, .44, and .45. I don't retract a bit of that, but recently, I've observed something else happening. Women, given a wide-enough range of choices, or left to themselves in a gun-shop with a smart and helpful clerk, prefer something that won't hurt their hand when it goes off, and that they can handle comfortably in every other sense. ... That's why, this year, I'm recommending almost any semi-automatic pistol that shoots .380 Auto, the tiny cartridge that started World War I." (12/18/16)  

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