Trump wins Electoral College vote ahead of Clinton, Powell, Paul, Spotted Eagle, Kasich

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December 20, 2016
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Donald Trump swept aside a last-ditch bid to block his ascension to the White House on Monday, officially claiming the title of president-elect with his Electoral College victory. Trump's defeat of Hillary Clinton follows a desperate and unprecedented attempt by Democratic electors to foment a revolt by convincing Republican electors to vote against him, an effort that collapsed with little to show for it. Just two of the 306 Republican electors, both from Texas, ultimately cast a ballot against Trump. One was Chris Suprun, who announced his intentions in a New York Times op-ed on Dec. 5, and voted for Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Another Texas elector voted for Ron Paul .... The most tumult occurred in Washington state, where four Democrats broke ranks and rejected Clinton. Three voted for Colin Powell, marking the first electoral votes for an African-American Republican, and the first time in history a major party elector crossed the aisle and supported a candidate of the opposing major party. The fourth elector, Robert Satiacum, cast his ballot for Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American environmental activist." (12/19/16)  

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