Yemen: 48 Saudi proxy troops dead in Islamic State bombing

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December 19, 2016
Daily Times [Pakistan]    
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"A suicide bomber from the Islamic State group killed at least 48 Yemeni soldiers in Aden Sunday, the latest in a string of deadly attacks against recruits in the country's second city. Military officials and medics said dozens more were wounded in the attack that targeted a crowd of servicemen who had gathered to collect their salaries near a base in northeastern Aden. ... The attack comes eight days after a similar bombing at Al-Sawlaban claimed by IS killed 48 soldiers and wounded 29 others. [Saudi invaders and their quislings] have fought a months-long campaign against jihadists who remain active in the south and east of the impoverished Arabian peninsula country. IS and its jihadist rival Al-Qaeda have taken advantage of a conflict between [a puppet regime set up by Saudi invaders] and Yemen's Huthi [government], who control the capital Sanaa, to bolster their presence across much of the south." (12/19/16)  

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