Democrats need to oppose Trump’s cabinet picks en masse

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December 18, 2016
The New Republic
by Eric Sasson  
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"Now that President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet choices have mostly been announced—the latest being Russia BFF and ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of state, and ready-to-run-the-agency-he-forgot-he-wants-to-abolish Rick Perry for secretary of energy—progressives are understandably apoplectic. It’s not just that Trump’s choices give new meaning to the term “radically conservative,” it’s that so many of them are either wildly inappropriate for or vehemently at odds with the respective departments they’ve been selected to run. While Trump can certainly be said to be 'shaking up' Washington with his picks, it is also true that, by nominating so many fringe candidates at once, Democrats (and a handful of Republicans) will only be able to muster up real opposition to two or three of them at most, allowing the others to slide in." [editor's note: It's this kind of blanket thinking that will doom the truly "progressive" movement; instead of looking for places where some ground has been gained (inadvertently or not, Tillerson is less likely to start "the next war with Russia" than either Bolton or Giuliani ... or Hillary for that matter), they whine on about "forces of evil" (leaving out their own "side" of course) - SAT] (12/16/16)  

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