Electoral College coup?

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December 15, 2016
Libertarian Institute
by Scott Horton  
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"No, there will not be an Electoral College coup against the results of the presidential election of 2016. Yes, the Hillary campaign is pushing for a CIA briefing on supposed Russian interference in the election, but they know it could never be thrown to her. They're only doing this to 'hem in' Trump, not prevent his inauguration. The establishment's gamble is that they can tar Trump with Putin enough that he won't dare call off the new Cold War. But even that isn't going to work. ... even if they somehow got the Electoral College to deny Trump his majority -- which ain’t gonna happen -- then it would go to the GOP-controlled House of Representatives. And at that point the Republicans wouldn't dare screw Trump out of the Presidency, by, say, giving it to John Kasich instead, any more than they denied him the nomination back in July." (12/15/16)


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