What’s so bad about flag burning?

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December 15, 2016
Center for a Stateless Society
by Roderick Long  
Posted in Commentary, PND Commentary

"President-elect Donald Trump's recent call for a year's prison term or loss of citizenship for those who burn the American flag -- incidentally a reversal of Trump's previous support for flag-burners on the Letterman show two years ago -- leaves me with some questions. Four questions, specifically: two for Trump’s conservative supporters, and two for his liberal critics. My first question for pro-Trump conservatives is this: In the past I seem to recall hearing quite a few of you (though admittedly not Trump himself) speaking pretty loudly in favor of free expression when the issue was laws in Muslim countries criminalizing speech or writings that 'disrespect' Islam or the Prophet Muhammad. How exactly do the arguments you gave then, not apply to Trump's proposal now? Second, I also recall that you conservatives used to talk a lot about government's duty to protect people's private property rights (although admittedly eminent domain poster boy Donald Trump was never really in your camp on that issue either)." (12/15/16)



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