Aleppo: Virtue signalling goes global

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December 15, 2016
by Brendan O'Neill  
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"Imagine looking at Aleppo and thinking primarily of yourself. Imagine reading about the violence and deprivation in this city and wondering what it all reveals about you. Imagine treating Aleppo, less as a wartorn city brought to ruin by a lethal combination of Western and regional meddling followed by a brutal air campaign by Russia and Assad, and more as a litmus test of your own decency; a theatre in which to act out your own moral psychodramas and re-enact your own petty political battles. Incredibly, this is happening. The Western political and media elites' response to the tragedy of Aleppo has not been to work out how this horror came to pass, far less what role they might have played in it; it has been to turn Aleppo into a stage upon which they might say something about themselves, prove themselves, absolve themselves. Virtue-signalling has gone global." (12/15/16)  

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