2017 policy priorities: A copyright regime for the digital age

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December 15, 2016
Niskanen Center
by Ryan Hagemann  
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"Intellectual property and copyright are tricky issues that have a long history of evoking strong emotional undercurrents, especially in conservative and libertarian ideological circles. Is intellectual property the same as physical property? Do we possess a natural right to 'own' our ideas once we produce materially reproducible incarnations of them? Can such ownership be passed on indefinitely, or is a 'life plus X number of years' regime better situated to capturing the benefits of artistic creation? I don't have a particularly good answer to any of those questions, though I certainly have personal opinions on some of them. However, we need to ask ourselves whether the current system is working well enough to accommodate the changes wrought by the emergence of the Internet -- such as music and video streaming services and online content creation." (12/14/16)



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