Ranked Choice Voting likely means lower turnout, more errors

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December 14, 2016
Cato Unbound
by Jason McDaniel  
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"The history of electoral reform in America is littered with people who eagerly made grand claims about how their preferred solution would cure what ailed American democracy. Usually this involves 'liberating' the sanctified voters from the dastardly efforts of politicians and political parties to suppress the 'true' preferences of the electorate. Too often, the fruit of these reform efforts has been the creation of electoral processes that reduce voter engagement and maintain the status quo. Rob Richie’s arguments in favor of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) echo many of the same arguments that reformers have been making for over a hundred years. Unfortunately, pro-RCV arguments are similarly based on faulty assumptions about voters, and too often they ignore or inappropriately minimize empirical research that highlights the potential for negative consequences." (12/13/16)


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