Riverview Gardens students lose the right to transfer

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December 13, 2016
Show-Me Institute
by Emily Runge  
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"After nearly a decade of failing to achieve state accreditation, Riverview Gardens School District achieved provisionally accredited status, which will take effect in January 2017, leaving the Normandy Schools Collaborative as the only unaccredited district in the state. This may be good news for the school district, but it could be bad news for students who have transferred out of the district over the past several years. ... Missouri's accreditation system and transfer law create a trap for students in districts just barely performing above the threshold -- the schools perform too well for the students to be allowed to leave, but not well enough to prepare the students for work or college. Missouri families deserve to make their own educational choices and shouldn't be bound by fluctuating quality measures of the districts where they live." [editor's note: This piece mentions the awful Normandy school district, where I used to live -- even more so than most, it was a combination daycare center and juvenile prison with education as at best a tertiary concern. Aside from a general aversion to government schools, the complete suckiness of that district pushed us to becoming homeschoolers when we lived there - TLK] (12/12/16)


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