Silk Road case sets dangerous precedents

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December 11, 2016
Foundation for Economic Education
by Alice Salles  
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"While many have always insisted that the Free Ross movement is misguided (claiming it somehow has done a 'great disservice' to efforts to end the drug war), in an article for the Foundation for Economic Education, economist Robert Murphy confirms that -- with the exception of the murder-for-hire charges -- all crimes Ulbricht is accused of committing are 'victimless.' This has prompted libertarians and those who agree with libertarian principles to call for Ulbricht's release. That’s why this case and the subsequent coverage and debate are important: because they force us to discuss the drug war." (12/10/16)  

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  • dL

    While many have always insisted that the Free Ross movement is misguided

    I read that linked secondary article. Generally speaking, those “activists” who view “drug dealers” as evil are not activists for ending drug-prohibition. I don’t what they are “advocating” for or what “privacy rights” they are supposedly fighting for, but rest assured anything cowering to the “respectability politics” of polite society ain’t worth one muscle contraction of “activism.”

    Re: the first part of the secondary article(not the primary one at FEE), a legal defense is different from a moral defense. Usually. A moral defense in a courtroom is jury nullification. In that case, I think the better appeal might be exactly the case outlined in the primary article rather than to libertarian self-ownership, particularly if you are gambling w/ your life.

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