Imagine, in a different dimension …

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December 8, 2016
Rational Review Inter-Rationale
by Steve Trinward  
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"I started writing this, not knowing if I had a column in progress or just my second-ever attempt at writing 'speculative fiction,' kind of an inverse version of It Can’t Happen Here, by Sinclair Lewis. I’m still unsure, but here’s the premise: What if Donald Trump were not the second coming of Hitler, Satan’s sidekick, or even just a very distasteful 'sexist, racist, homophobic, sex-offender,' as one songwriter friend has put it? What if somewhere inside that crusty shell, there was a man with a heart, a desire to do good, and even a vision for how to get back to liberty -- someone we all missed, just as we missed his viability as a candidate, and then the 'surprise' victory (which had only surprised the media, the Democrats . . . and us ideologues)? What would that mean about interpreting his moves? ... Here are five ways in which I could see a light shining through at least some of his actions over the last ... hard to believe it’s only been a month!" (12/08/16)  
  • dL

    Indeed, it would be a different dimension if we assume benign motives from our politicians rather than the ones typically associated with seeking power over others. In our dimension, history bears out the the latter and not the former.

    I’m interested in looking up Trinward’s benign motives theory circa 2008 re: Obama. Where’s that at? I’m curious why he didn’t buy Obama was playing 8th dimensional chess back then(which is what his partisan supporters claimed at the time) but now suddenly buying in for Trump?

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