The 5-step process for playing defense against Trump’s bad ideas

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December 6, 2016
by Matt Welch  
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"By now we should be familiar with the pattern: President-elect Donald Trump tweets out some crazy-sounding policy-related ideas, journalists and Democrats freak out, the conversation quickly progresses from an argument over the proper adjectives to describe the idea to meta-arguments over Trump's possible motives and whether we should even be paying that much attention to what the president-elect tweets in the first place. Then before you know it there's a new crazy-sounding policy-related idea transmitting from Trump Tower through social media, and away we go again. From flag-burning to alleged massive voter fraud, it's a profoundly unsatisfying way to process an unusual politician's public utterances. Instead of beginning with generalized hyperbole and speculative divinations of dark motive, I suggest something closer to the opposite: Working from the practical specifics backward, and saving the ominous political vagaries for last, so that you can rally defenses where necessary and also arrive at a bit of perspective before declaring every impotent brainfart proof of incipient fascism." (12/05/16)  
  • dL

    lol…the “temporary refugees in the Ted Cruz underground brigade, plotting the restoration of the rightful heir” 5-step plan.

    You won’t go broke overestimating Reason/Cato’s crackpipe…And as a reminder, mentioning Trump and woodchipper together in a comment at Reason is not covered by the resistance plan…

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