There are no allies in fascists

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December 6, 2016
Center for a Stateless Society
by Trevor Hultner  
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"For decades, has been the leading voice of the anti-war movement, injecting a consistently anti-authoritarian message into the conversation about foreign conflict and foreign policy. Their journalism has been celebrated among independent media and legacy media alike over the years, and their commentators are unmatched in their commitment to peace, liberty and the end of war. Well, for the most part. Because while you've definitely got all that, you also have to contend with a steady flow of nationalist apologia from Justin Raimondo,'’s editorial director. His latest piece, 'A World to Win,' is a gleeful ode to the second wave of fascism currently knocking on humanity’s door." (12/05/16)  
  • dL

    Raimondo…hate the neocons, love their tactics…

    Raimondo’s method of argument in his Trump propaganda is the false dilemma of the binary choice. In the historical context, particularly in early 20th century European history, the false dilemma was communism or fascism…well, neither. Those aren’t the only two options. Today, the false dilemma presented is: American century capitalism or neo-reactionary folk collectivism…well, neither.

    When Raimondo tweets stuff like this

    I have to question his anti-war bona fides. The anti-war position is a moral end. Raimondo increasingly treats it as a political means against political enemies. Like all “means,” if something else comes along that is judged to be more efficacious instrument, the previous “means” is simply dropped. And, of course, it goes without saying that the primary art of politics is cognitive dissonance. At this point, it appears Trump has merely redirected the red-baiting from Russia to China. if Raimondo begins a campaign of anti-China red baiting as a show of support for The Grand Poohbah of American Greatness, then you know you have a rat at

    Bigots of the world unite!!!! You have nothing to lose but your tolerance and shame!

    • I don’t question Justin’s anti-war bona fides. I question his sanity.

      Rothbard’s later ideas on strategy play roughly the same role in the libertarian movement that the Necronomicon plays in an HP Lovecraft story. Read them without some kind of protective amulet and you’re likely to end up sitting in the corner babbling nonsense. Sad.

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