Introduction to public choice

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December 4, 2016
Independent Institute
by Randall Holcombe  
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"Public choice uses economic methods to analyze political decision-making. Too often, both 'policy experts' and the general public perceive problems and conclude that the government should do something about them, without evaluating whether government intervention could actually make things better. Public choice examines how the political process actually works rather than relying on a hope that if things aren’t ideal, somehow government can improve them." (12/02/16)  

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  • dL

    That the book is not available in kindle format probably tells you more on the topic than the actual course. I never going to buy a hardcopy of anything but just looking at the ToC ,it looks like a more contemporaneous version of Buchanan/Tullock’s “Calculus of Consent.” However, CoC is like pre-newtonian physics. The modern crux of PC is centered around the Tullock Auction. It’s hard to find stuff on that explicit topic w/o burrowing deep into the academic literature.

    A good reference is “The Encyclopedia of Public Choice,” particularly the Chapter, “GORDON TULLOCK AT FOUR SCORE YEARS: AN EVALUATION.”

    Then, read this book, “Efficient Rent-Seeking: Chronicle of an Intellectual Quagmire”

    And if you understand it, then, congrats, your ahead of 99% of the libertarian economist industry mill…(e.g, you will know why “the myth of the rational voter” is bullshit).

    • dL

      of course, even so, u still might not be able to spell “you’re” :()

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