Trump and normalization with Cuba

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November 30, 2016
The American Conservative
by Daniel Larison  
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"Reversing Obama's policy so soon after it started would be a serious mistake. The opening to Cuba has only barely begun and needs to be given time to work. Now that Fidel Castro is gone, it should be even easier to continue a policy of engagement with Cuba. It also makes sense politically. Normalizing relations with Cuba is more broadly popular than other Obama policies that Trump has campaigned against, and there is more Republican support for Obama's changes to Cuba policy than there is for many of his other initiatives. Trump doesn't have to cater to hard-liners on this issue unless he wants to. If Trump doesn't want the policy to continue, he can reverse everything Obama did. That would be unfortunate for the U.S., and it would be even worse for Cuba, and it would start Trump's tenure off with a senseless blunder that will further sour relations with the rest of the hemisphere." (11/30/16)  

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