Burn a flag for Donald Trump

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November 29, 2016
Center for a Stateless Society
by Trevor Hultner  
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"I've heard a lot of folks say that we should ignore the wacky things Donald Trump says in public and on Twitter. Their justifications usually revolve around two main planks: that Trump is a richer, now-more-powerful version of an internet troll in that if you ignore him he'll find something else to focus on and stop saying bonkers things about freedom of speech, dissent, etc.; and that he's saying this stuff because he knows the media will focus more on his wild proclamations than on his failed business empire, his myriad conflicts of interest and his general myopia about becoming president. At this point I think the evidence bears itself out nicely that internet trolls don't just go away if you starve them of attention." (11/29/16)


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