How dangerous is the alt-right to American Jews?

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November 27, 2016
The Zelman Partisans
by Claire Wolfe  
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"The Jew-haters and racial dividers among the alt-right (and for that matter, among the left, which did so much to create the current climate) are always dangerous because, as a spokesperson for the U.S. Holocaust Museum points out, the Nazis' Holocaust didn't begin with killings, but with words. And of course, with laws. ... we owe it to ourselves, our friends, and our freedom, to make sure that the rising bigots are pushed back -- with derision, with strong argument, with cultural marginalization. Even with arms, should it come to that unthinkable pass. If the bigots raise an army, or even a few isolated, terrorizing gangs, we should absolutely be prepared to exercise self- and community-defense against them. But we should never try to 'disappear' them by censoring them; we should never sacrifice the First Amendment in their dubious honor." (11/23/16)  
  • dL

    Yeah, I do see the ole time anti-semitism slurs creeping into the alt-right social media(though not in any media platforms..qualified by the fact I’m not exactly a consumer of those platforms, so I could be wrong). However, I don’t see any brewing threat from official organs of government. That stands in contrast to the anti-muslim slurs and stances, whereby I see bigotry and threats in all the above mentioned things.

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