Egypt: Court overturns Morsi life sentence

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November 22, 2016
Deutsche Welle [Germany]    
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"A court in Egypt overturned Tuesday a life sentence against the country's former president Mohammed Morsi. It is the second legal victory in a week for the Muslim Brotherhood leader, who was taken off death row last week when the court overturned a death sentence against him. Morsi was imprisoned after a 2013 military coup ended his year-long reign as Egypt's first freely elected president. Currently serving 20 years hard labor and a second life sentence, and facing a retrial of a death sentence, the recent victory does not mean he will be released from prison any time soon. Morsi has been accused and convicted of multiple crimes. The life sentence overturned on Tuesday followed charges of spying for the Islamist militant group Hamas." (11/22/16)  

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