Xenophobia and Canada

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November 21, 2016
by Bryan Caplan  
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"How xenophobic are Americans? [dramatic pause] Americans are so xenophobic, they don't even favor open borders with Canada. Think about all the popular arguments against immigration. Immigrants hurt low-skilled Americans. Immigrants abuse the welfare state. Immigrants commit crimes. Immigrants don't learn English. Immigrants refuse to culturally assimilate. Immigrants vote for Sharia. Now ask yourself: How do any of these arguments even remotely apply to Canadians? But the sound of crickets changes nothing. If a Canadian asks to live and work in the U.S., America's default answer remains: No." (11/21/16)



  • dL

    “For racism, Avenue Q has it right: while (almost) everyone’s a little bit racist, the key word is “little.” How little? In the United States in recent decades, race has minimal effect on earnings once you correct for obvious measures of worker productivity – and minimal effect on incarceration once you correct for obvious measures of law-breaking.”


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