This is your medical system on government

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November 17, 2016
Foundation for Economic Education
by Jeffrey A Tucker  
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"The Obamacare blowup is hard to understand in detail, because its impact is so disparate. The extent of the price increases depend on your age, location, family status, and employment. The quality of the results depend on what doctors and clinics in your area are willing to accept. After all, you can have the most awesome medical insurance plan in the country, but no medical provider is actually required to accept it. That only adds to the anger. To get a sense of specifics on the ground, I asked some people on my Facebook page to tell their stories. I received many hundreds of responses. Here are just a few." (11/16/16)  


  • dL

    I don’t need to go to Facebook to get “a sense of on the ground.” I know the cost of health care insurance is 4/5 times what it was before ObamaCare. And I ain’t paying it. Maybe before it was out of principle. Now it is simply: I ain’t fucking paying THAT.

    Maybe part of the problem w/ Libertarian think tank pundit analysis are the fully government compliant benefit packages these people are compensated with that shield them from having to deal w/ this day-to-day bullshit.

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